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At the end of your order, you will be able to upload your photos. Before you upload you photos, do rename them (sample: name.lastname_10x15).
Don’t forget to write in the name of a photo, where you want the block to be positioned (top-1, middle-2, bottom-3).

If possible, crop the photograph you want to the right size, otherwise we will do it by our estimation.

*production due date starts after the payment of pro forma invoice.

Realistic TEMPLATES are available here.



Collages are composited out of more different sizes and shapes of blocks. Every block has it’s own hole in the back, so it can be hang on the wall.

Additional information
Weight N/A

macrame with beads – duo 2x – 15×20cm (6×8inch), macrame with beads – duo 2x – 20×20cm (8×8inch), macrame with beads – duo 2x – 20×30cm (8×12inch), macrame with beads – trio 3x – 15×20cm (6×8inch), macrame with beads – trio 3x – 20×20cm (8×8inch), macrame with beads – trio 3x – 20×30cm (8×12inch), macrame with beads – duo – 20×20cm + 20x30cm-vertical (8x8inch + 8x12inch-vertical), macrame with beads – trio – 20×20cm + 20x30cm-vertical + 20x20cm (8x8inch + 8x12inch-vertical + 8x8inch)

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