We are a small family business based in Slovenia, in the heart of Europe – the only country in the world with the word Love in it ;).
And this is where all our products come from – from the Heart, from the Love.
When you shop small, you do not buy from a big company, but you help a family of four – so THANK YOU for being here!



Hi, my name is Ana and I am the leading light of Memories in Wood.
I am a Photographer.
Mum of two.
Wife (scroll up to header photo – yes these are us :)).
Old Soul.
Lover of eternal Beauty.

As a photographer myself, a creator of eternal memories, I wish that our photographs would come alive outside of our computers, which is why I have
searched for the right way our photographs can enrich and also decorate our home. I have developed unique and natural wooden products that will make your photographs, and those of your clients, glow. And while you are reading these lines, I am surely doing my best in trying to develop some new kind products for you and your memories.

I will take care of your your orders, answer on your emails and help you decide what fits into your studio the best. So, if you will have any questions, I am your go to person. You can reach me via hello@memoriesinwood.si or in VIP private facebook group for photographers here.

You have met the main face behind Memories in Wood shop. There are also few more indispensable faces behind our botique, which will take care of your wooden creations. Now it is your turn. Send us an hello email or choose your favourite product in the shop.
We will be more than happy to serve you!

Memories in Wood team