Block Box

21,95  incl. VAT

Tired of usual wooden boxes?
Don’t worry! This photoblock wooden keepsake box is everything you need to cheer up your photography customers!

Box has a photoblock cover, where you can put your favourite photo of the photo shoot with rounded edges (just like all other photoblocks!, just a little bit thiner).
The cover hold in place by the tiny magnet, hinges are on the longer side of the box.
Dimension of the box is 215x165mm.
It can hold 10×15 cm (4×6 inch) or 13×18 cm (5×7 inch) prints which are available here.

Price does not include the filling, prints or usb drive.

*if not in stock, you can backorder
(turnaround time in this case is from 2-3 weeks)

21 in stock (also available on back-order)

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