For photographers

For photographers

Dear photographer!

It pleases us that you like our products and that you will offer your clients the possibility of purchasing ours. We are sure that you will attract even more clients with the help of Memory in Wood products. Add our products to you offer today and offer your clients something more.

For photographers and everyone who already offer our products, we offer wholesale prices.
Products are delivered without our logo.
*The discount is only available for authorial photographs.

If you want more information about the wholesale prices, please register yourself with information about your company under "Register and Login". After 24 our wholesale prices should be seen with your Login.
If you do not see wholesale prices after this time, please contact me on email:

If you are VAT registered, please write your VAT number while ordering to get reduced your prices for our 22% VAT.

How to sell our products?
Our products are best sold when the costumer can imagine the final image – the best thing to do is always to have a few samples with you when you are presenting your offer. You can also decorate the walls of your studio with them.
Once you have finished organizing your costumer’s photographs, you can also show them what the possible end product will look like, to make them decide easier.
We have prepared a special template, which you can find under this link. Believe us, it is an excellent selling tool.

Before you send your photographs, make sure you crop them to the correct ratio (e.g. 20x20cm, circle, oval…) and save them to the sRG profile. Photographs should be of better quality (300dpi) Photographs of the size 40x40 should have a side the length of approx. 4000px.
If any technical difficulties occur, contact our mail support: