What does our offer consist of?
We offer you hand-made unique wooden products with your photographs printed by a professional printer and merged with wood via special procedure.
We also offer you the possibility of collages made from your photographs and some special graphics, which are already prepared.
That is only the beginning :). While you are reading these lines, we are doing our best in trying to develop new products ;).

Where do our products come from?
All our products are made in Slovenia, Europe – the only country in the world with the word LOVE in it ;).

How can I order a product?
You add the item you want to the cart, then you follow the instructions/steps that will guide you to the end of your purchase/checkout (if you are a photographer, please register on the site before purchasing. You will be accepted into the wholesale are in 24 hours).
At the end, after the payment, add the wanted photograph in the box (you name it e.g. name.lastname_10x15, name.lastname_13x18).
If possible, crop the photograph you want to the right size (if that is in a square shape, non-standard ratio 3:2), otherwise we will do it by our estimation.
The photographs should be of better quality. However, if you want to have a photo made it with a phone cell, we recommend choosing smaller dimensions of wood.

With the completion of the purchase, you agree that we can use photographs of your products available on the website and social networks (for purpose of promotion). However, on the basic of a subsequent customer request, the photographs will be removed from website and social network.

How do I pay?
You can pay via bank transaction (self-generated pro forma invoice) or via PayPal. PayPal payments will be added with 5% of commission.

Do check with you bank about the possible extra costs.

Shipping costs can be checked in the cart when an item is added.
In foreign counties, all packages are sent via Dhl, Ups (faster post option) or Post of Slovenia (slower post option).
Shipping with faster post option takes:
- 2-5 working days for Eu countries,
- 2-3 working days for Us and Ca
- for other countries please contact us.

Shipping with slower Post of Slovenia takes around 2-4 weeks for US, for CA around 3-4 weeks, for AU around 2-4 weeks.

Shipping may take longer due to delay in customs or post office efficiency, which is outside of our control.

If a product is damaged when it is received we will endevour to correct any incorrect doing. All products leave our company in perfect condition, so it will most likely be a shipping fault. In this case we will need to investigate it further, so please keep all original packaging so the issue can be solved.

Personalised blocks
With blocks, which needs special design formation, please direct on the email clear directions about fonts, colours and other wishes.
Based on your directions, I will prepare you a preview of your block. In the case you don't like your preview, I will give you a chance for max. 2 (two) more correction. For each further correction, I will charge you for 2 eur per correction. That's why clear direction are important :).

When can I expect the item?
All items are hand-made and require a certain time of preparation, production and drying. Because we want your products to be made perfectly, we take 7-10 working days to make them.

In summer time (July and August) and during christmas time (November and December) the production time can be extended up to 14 working days.
If anything unexpected comes up in the meantime, we will inform you in time.
If you need the item before the estimated date of production, let us know (hello@memoriesinwood.si), and we will do our best to make sure you receive the item in time.

Please make sure you check the shipping and billing address is correct. For any items that might get delivered to the wrong address, we hold no responsibility if the address has been typed wrongly.
If that is the reason why your item will be returned to our address, we will charge you for the costs.

We will pack your blocks with foam foil between thee surface of a photo. Please, make sure, you do not put blocks together without it between.Also, if you pack it further for your client, do not put bubble foil directly on the surface of a photo.
Any damage caused by not using foam foil between them or bubble foil directly with the surface, can not be a reason for a complaint.

What if I am not pleased with the product?
Every item is made with love and a lot of patience. We try to make them perfect. They are order-made, which is why we do not accept trades and refunds. Please make sure to check the info about product before you order.

All of our product are not the result of mass production, since each piece is made by a hand. This is why every wooden block will have its own unique differences and irregularities.

Photographs are transferred to wood and printed with a professional printer. However, small deviations may occur.

We also don't accept reclamation on cropping of the photos. Please, make sure that you crop a photo as you wish (using a Photoshop etc.), otherwise we do it by our estimation.

If your item arrives damaged, let us know on: hello@memoriesinwood.si. Keep all original packaging so the issue can be solved.

What care do the products need?
The photographs are covered with a protective layer that expands their lifespan and appearance. We recommend you keep them at room temperature and do not expose them to direct sunlight, humidity or water. If the product gets dirty, clean it with a soft, dry  cloth. These simple instructions will keep your photographs on wood alive for generations to come.

Protective layer is sensitive and can get scratched when in touch with a sharp item. To minimise the risk, blocks should not be stacked directly onto each other.