I fell in love a couple of years ago.
First time, I fell in love with my husband.
After that I found a way to create eternal memories – photography.
ly, I fell in love with wood.

That is how Memories in Wood was created.
Ana Ravnak, founder of Memories in Wood

August 30, 2016-1-8s

As creators of eternal memories, we wish that our photographs would come alive outside of our computers, which is why we have searched for the right way our photographs can enrich our homes.
We have developed unique and natural wood products that will make your photographs, and those of your clients, glow.

All products have an organic, natural, vintage hint and are made with a lot of love and a great deal of patience.
With the use of rounded edges, the photographs are given the final touch. They are covered with a protective layer that expands their lifespan and appearance. To wooden tiles stress the hand-made look the brush strokes.

The wooden products have a tiny hole on the back side with which you can hang them on the wall, however, they can also stand on their own as a decoration on a piece of furniture.

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Photo: Ana Ravnak Photography
July 06, 2016-63