Memories are like wood -
they help you stay warm when the cold days arrive.


What do our clients say?

What comes from the heart, touches the heart. With one word: wonderful! The perfect present for grandpas and grandmas.

Jerneja H.

A wonderful present that leaves a friend speechless.

Barbara J.

Photographs on wood are a truly wonderful and original decoration that add something special to any room. The print on wood is of the highest quality, with gently rounded edges, which give it a timeless feel. A beautiful artwork made in Slovenia.

Mateja T., photographer

 The modern and vintage look at the same time, the feeling of belonging, because the wood is of Slovene forests as well as the artist, who adds her heart and soul to every product.

Nika L., photographer

Photographs on wood - a bond of timeless moments of nature, their sight opens the gate to the most beautiful memories that warm our heart.

Ines K., photographer

The warmth and softness of the wood and the photograph that mirrors in it, together they create the best - the warmth of the moment when the lens captured the image.

Urška G., photographer

The wood is a wonderful décor in our new studio… with warm lines and made from the heart.

Jure and Pika - photographers at Ujeti trenutek

Long have I searched for a product that would decorate our walls, that would be made out of the right material, and would have a quality imprint of a photo. Memories in wood have fulfilled all my criteria. They are wonderful.

Alenka D., photographer